Viceroy Hotels uses idea software to improve operational processes

Sugar Beach Hotel
Palm Court Lounge from Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort.

Los Angeles-based Viceroy Hotels and Resorts leverages idea software platform SoapBox to improve its guest experience and operational processes. Specifically, Viceroy is using the tool to support its broader community engagement and innovation initiative Viceroy Solvers. As part of their pilot, they engaged colleagues at three hotels.

“Viceroy Solvers is an innovation platform to get all of us talking about how to do things better,” said Bill Walshe, CEO of Viceroy Hotel and Resorts. “Through the power of collaboration with all of our colleagues, especially the ones that interact with guests every day, Viceroy will be able to deliver a superior experience to our guests, improve efficiency in hotel operations, and reduce costs for our hotel owners.”

Viceroy set out to encourage a proactive mindset on idea generation amongst their staff and colleagues. With hotel locations around the world, they were focused on finding a way to make meaningful connections across the organization. They were looking for a common idea management platform to bring their colleagues together and to share existing best practices across all locations.

For the company-wide launch, Viceroy will re-use many of the creative tactics from the pilot phase to drive initial adoption. After an initial Town Hall kick-off meeting to introduce all Viceroy colleagues to the program, each hotel will be provided with posters and videos to encourage adoption, and a Viceroy Solvers tablet that can be accessed during breaks.

These efforts will be supplemented with clear direction for each GM on how to engage their colleagues post-launch. SoapBox will become an essential talking point in departmental -standup meetings, where discussion about challenges and popular ideas from the department will be encouraged. Regular bursts of employee and leadership recognition via newsletters, videos from the CEO, and other corporate channels will round out the program and sustain engagement.

Viceroy instituted an Idea Accelerate program to progress quick win ideas. This program enabled simple ideas to bypass the evaluation stage, which kept the flow of ideas moving, and allowed for the subject matter experts to focus on more complex ideas.

For example, the idea why not place a house phone in hotel lobby, so guests can conveniently make local calls was not flashy, but the GM recognized that it could easily and quickly be implemented. The response was encouraging. Once staff realized that their voices were not only being heard, but were having a real impact on the business, engagement continued to improve.

Viceroy will leverage the Idea Accelerate program for the company-wide launch. GMs will be empowered to bypass the usual governance process when they find actionable ideas that can be easily implemented.