Viceroy Los Cabos creates immersive guest experience

Viceroy Los Cabos now has resort-tailored solutions to improve operational fluidity and communication. Photo credit: Alice (Viceroy Los Cabos creates an immersive guest experience )

Marking the fifth Viceroy property partnership, Viceroy Los Cabos in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, is the latest hotel to begin standardizing its operations through the Alice platform. 

Viceroy Los Cabos is creating an even more immersive guest experience through the use of Volara voice technology, powered by Amazon Alexa and integrated with Alice. The Viceroy is the first property to implement Volara voice technology in the Mexico region. The integration between Alice and Volara allows guests to place requests by voice and have those requests be seamlessly handled by staff. 

“The impact has been strong and we see this being fed back to us by the great reviews we’ve been receiving, most of which compliment our service as above and beyond,” Cat Lloyd, director of sales and marketing for Viceroy Los Cabos, said in a statement. “The nice thing to see is that when we do have the occasional guest that requires something replacing or adding to their room, their request is executed swiftly and seamlessly.”

At the operational level, through Alice, Viceroy Los Cabos now has resort-tailored solutions to key areas of opportunity in operational fluidity and communication: 

  • A rooming update facility was created to bridge the communication gap and minimize the margin of error when changes are made to a room assignment or departure. Before using Alice, communication between front-office staff, housekeeping, engineering and food-and-beverage was a challenge, and many times information was not being shared effectively or not at all. Now, communication is streamlined and all staff members are informed, minimizing hindrances to guest service and operational efficiency. 
  • A site inspection facility has been created to inform the team about inspection status in real time. Because Viceroy Los Cabos has a large number of daily site inspections, it was difficult to have to sift through emails and find all the detailed information necessary for a successful experience. Now all staff members have an up-to-the-minute way to view workflow and see what inspections are happening throughout the day, as well as the status. 

Previously relying heavily on interdepartmental meetings, the paper trail was also heavy; now, the hotel has eliminated that trail while simultaneously becoming an even more ecologically sound resort. All departments are informed efficiently and rapidly, speed of service increases and the paper trail is drastically minimized.