Village Hotels partners with UpsellGuru to drive more revenue

Village Hotels Blackpool

Village Hotels has launched in partnership with UpsellGuru a new upsell strategy to drive more revenue to its 28 properties across the U.K. Village Hotels are offering its guests the chance to submit a bid based on the amount they are willing to spend on an upgrade to a higher room category. 
By using UpsellGuru’s post-sale upsell system, hotels guests receive an opportunity to bid on an upgrade a few days prior to their arrival. By upgrading the best offers to their unsold higher room categories, Village Hotels are increasing revenue and average daily rate. As an added benefit, Standard rooms are freed up to re-sell, increasing occupancy.
Village Hotels are also using UpsellGuru to sell meal plans to guests, as well as purchase early arrivals and late departures.

“UpsellGuru makes the difference to Village, as they let the guest decide what an upgrade is worth for them,” said Rob Paterson, commercial director of Village Hotels. “The quantity and quality of offers coming from our guests was beyond expectations. We started UpsellGuru as a trial for one property first but were overwhelmed of the success so that we decided to use the system for the entire brand.”
The whole upgrading process works automatically as UpsellGuru is linked to the hotels‘ PMS, meaning the reservation department only needs to accept or deny incoming bids.


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