Virtual reality app lets you interact with history


Unless your lucky enough to be Scott Bakula in "Quantum Leap," time travel is not something at your disposal. A new app, however, might just be the second best thing.

Enter Timelooper, a virtual reality app that allows users to experience certain locations as they once were. Because tour guides, audio recording and guide books are so last year.

Consider the Tower of London on the banks of London’s Thames River. It's little more than a museum today, but a smartphone’s built-in motion detection allows users wearing a cardboard headset to experience the tower over 750 years ago, in 1255. It's not a tourist site anymore; it's a living breathing prison and fortress.

Content is currently live in London at the following sites:

Trafalgar Square: Re-live the Blitz -1940
St. Paul’s Cathedral : Burning to the ground in the Great Fire of 1666
The aforementioned Tower of London: 1255
Tower Bridge: View the burning of London in the Great Fire of 1666

The videos are location-based, meaning visitors must visit the sites to unlock the historical experiences.

“We actually overlay the current infrastructure with what the infrastructure of the tower and the surrounding environment was like in 13th century London,” Andrew Feinberg, Timelooper's co-founder, told The Associated Press. “So for example, now you see a Starbucks and now you see the tower as it looks today with the moat drained. When we take you back in time, you actually see the historically accurate representation of the tower in its heyday.”

According to the AP, Timelooper plans to launch in New York City this April, "allowing tourists to witness the famous kiss that was photographed in Times Square in August 1945 on VJ Day, the day World War II officially ended with the surrender of Japan," amongst other famous moments and landmarks.

Timelooper will be launching eight additional stories across New York by Labor Day. It will also launch in Washington, D.C., Beijing, Berlin, and Spain in the next 18 months.

Source: AP