W Hotels offers 'social media concierge' to live-tweet your wedding

The four W Hotels in New York City are now offering a new service in the form of social media wedding concierges, who will prep your wedding for its upmost social media potential. The concept costs $3,000 and lists its duties to include: live tweeting your wedding and reception, creating Pinterest boards to “inspire” your honeymoon plans and registry and create a “wedding social media recap” that includes the “best tweets and Instagrams sent during the wedding,” reports Boston.com.

The hotels also will create a “unique wedding #hashtag” and will also make sure your guests are all tweeting using the correct, unified hashtags. They'll even put a Shutterfly book together afterward so that you can reminisce over all of the social media milestones from your big day, reports Digital Trends.

"With social media as a growing, integral part of documenting the entire wedding experience, the hotels are now offering brides and grooms the opportunity to take advantage of this trend and put a spin on ‘something borrowed’ by borrowing one of W’s social media experts to document their special day via social media,” the hotel's press release reads.

"If you want to build a social media footprint of your big day (and this is something people aim to do; we've even had people ask us how they can get their wedding to 'trend'!), That's where we come in," Alyssa Kiefer, W's head of global social media, told CNN. Kiefer says the W is responding to increasing interest among guests who want to integrate social media into their weddings. The hotel has even seen couples updating their Facebook statuses at the altar.

Kiefer has heard criticism this week, but she doesn’t think that it will stand in the way of the program’s success.

“To some, this may seem a bit over the top and we’re okay with that,” she told Fast Company. “We’re sure couples balked at the idea of traditional wedding planners years ago and now you wouldn’t think of planning a wedding without one.”