Wakeup Call introduces online risk management solution

Wakeup Call launches its next generation SaaS-based platform. After successful beta testing with select hotel properties over the past two years, the Wakeup Call solution is now being made available though an affordable subscription model with a proven ROI. This proactive approach to risk management helps protect hotels from potential liability and lawsuits, while consolidating and tracking related documents and data in the Cloud, so that it is easily accessible to all stakeholders in the organization. 

While employment law claims and OSHA violations can cost a hotel hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, hoteliers often leave themselves at risk due to the overwhelming task and high costs of managing liability in a variety of areas across the hotel operation, such as human resources and guest incident/resolution tracking. Wakeup Call has developed an innovative solution for easily and cost-efficiently streamlining that process, with a comprehensive set of online tools that includes:

Access to hospitality risk management experts, employment attorneys and human resource professionals

  • Online training modules, video and webinars
  • Safety data sheets (SDS), forms and document databases
  • Claims management and reporting
  • Certification of insurance tracking
  • Live message boards and discussion forums

Ideal for independent properties, as well as hotel groups and management companies, Wakeup Call's interactive, Cloud-based platform provides customizable administrative settings, making it easy to standardize practices and processes portfolio-wide. This makes it easy to implement safety programs, educate team members, avoid costly legal fees and access timely, professional advice via the exclusive Employment Law Hotline.