The top 5 tech trends for 2017

HOTEL MANAGEMENT interviewed Michael Blake, CEO of Hotel Technology Next Generation, about the technology trends that are coming down the pipeline. Here’s what he thinks will take a starring role in 2017. 

1. Data 

Hotels have been spending years collecting data, and now they actually might have the ability to use it to continue to personalize and target a stay, according to Blake. "This year and 2018 will be the years that make the data real, operational and actionable. Hotels will figure it out and allow the staff to treat the guest differently with the use of that data." 

2. APIs 

"The ability for more information to be shared within the ecosystem and with other ecosystems will grow in 2017," he said. "The data will be a lot more free-flowing."

3. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

"With all the data that is out there, more can now be can processed with machine learning and [artificial intelligence]. Algorithms are allowing the data to run on its own such as chat box technology. If a person texts a question, the machine can automatically answer the question." 

4. Guest Experience

"Enhancements with Wi-Fi and TV be super easy to use. Hotels and vendors are working on getting rid of things that are in a pain in the neck. Things like authentication in the Wi-Fi space," according to Blake. "Guests want to bring in their own content like Netflix—things that we do at home will be easier to use in the hotel environment this year." 

5. Security

Blake said he is very optimistic about security in 2017. "I actually think security will be more aggressive and government will start to step up. Law enforcement will be stepping up their game and they will be a good resource for hotels," he said. "A lot of the bad guys leave breadcrumbs and law enforcement will step up to find them. The stance around security will change and it is exciting. The solutions will be better and there is more collaboration among the hotel chains regarding security. HTNG’s Hotel CISO Forum brings together chief information security officers twice a year to discuss issues and can call a meeting at any time to focus on any security issues that arise."