Broadband Hospitality will upgrade the hotel’s high-speed internet access network and firewall, adding access points to augment existing Wi-Fi coverage.

The Minneapolis property offers the ability for guests to control in-room amenities and request services via a voice-activated virtual assistant.

The 550-suite property in Tampa Bay, Fla., implemented Hotel Internet Services’ BeyondTV entertainment streaming solution.

Wi-Fi pairing is already installed at three Omni hotels with plans for installation at 15 more properties.

Shephard’s Beach Resort, Clearwater Beach, Fla., has implemented an advanced Wi-FI upgrade alongside a BeyondTV video streaming platform from Hotel Internet…

New technology that looks like traditional mirrors is bringing the next level of Internet of Things into hotel guestrooms. 

The evidence is clear: travel is an industry thirsty for new ideas and products. Which is why there is no shortage of investment flowing into travel startups.

If a hotel's connectivity is slow, spotty or nonexistent, guest satisfaction is guaranteed to take a nose-dive. Here's how to prevent that from…