Zello creates hands-free communications alternative


Zello’s push-to-talk app essentially turns smart devices into walkie-talkies. Hotels are benefiting from adding secure PTT voice messaging to its existing communication infrastructure, be it mobile computer, land mobile radio, smart phone, iPod Touch or tablet. Zello’s cross-platform app allows users to stay connected, even in dead zones, and provides a quicker way to contact a home base, other team members or the dispatch center.

Zello has collaborated with hardware accessories manufacturer Pryme as a certified partner. In addition to offering headsets and Bluetooth speaker mics that facilitate listening and speaking clearly in loud settings, Pryme’s dedicated PTT buttons allow users to communicate without ever having to touch their other devices.
One of the Pryme products Zello offers is the Storm Trooper BTH-600 speaker mic.  It looks and functions like a radio, but is small enough to fit in a pocket, and the PTT feature lets users swiftly communicate without having to deal with their other devices. This product is particularly popular within the transportation and field services sectors because of its iOS compatibility. Zello also provides PrymeBlu BTH-300 Headset Kit. It’s one of the only Bluetooth wireless accessories that make discrete communications possible with its built-in wireless PTT button and microphone, plus it converts any Apple compatible wired audio accessory into a Bluetooth headset.
Currently, Zello offers five different Pryme accessories on their website.  All are ruggedized, deliver extended battery life, and can be clipped on or attached to almost any place the user desires.