Zeno InnPoint adds support for Schneider Electronic's ZigBee guestroom devices

Zeno Controls LLC's InnPoint guest experience interface, which monitors a variety of sensors in the room to provide adaptive guestroom lighting, heating/cooling and improved energy savings, can now support Schneider Electronics ZigBee devices, including the new 8300 series room controllers, 8600 heat pumps controllers, and accessory sensors.

This effort is enabling Zeno to offer hotels and resorts a complete building automation system using Schneider SmartStruxture for the controls engine and Zeno’s InnPoint guest experience Interface to optimize the data to improve guest satisfaction.

“Today Zeno is giving the hospitality industry more choices for energy-saving building controls than ever before by making InnPoint compatible with the Schneider SmartStruxture,” said Zeno Controls General Manager Josh Alper. “Zigbee is the standard for building automation, and today, InnPoint + Schneider gives us a complete package for front and back-end support.”
InnPoint uses a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system that collects data points from anywhere in the building and displays the metrics in a programmable graphic user interface designed to optimize the visualization of the data and facilitate response if required.

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