Topic: Roundtable Videos

2016 Wellness Roundtable

Guests care about wellness. In fact, they care so much about wellness that they are educating themselves on the subject and bringing that knowledge with them to every business they interact with. From the food they eat to the ingredients in their amenities, guests want to know what is going in their bodies and hotels have to have a good answer. Check out HOTEL MANAGEMENT’s roundtable on the subject, and learn if your hotel is healthy as you think it is.

2016 NABHOOD Development Roundtable

Hotel development was top of mind at the 20th annual International African American Hotel Ownership & Investment Summit & Trade Show in Miami. Specifically, topics were broached regarding how minority entrepreneurs can become more involved in hospitality development. The conversation played out during a roundtable of brands, developers and lenders and sponsored by Choice Hotels International.

So, just how well has the hospitality industry helped promote diversity in development? Find out here.