Topic: Tile

The Bella collection includes 13 options, with six of them including neutral options like the black and white Mori and gray-toned Picasso.

Bella by Tile Bar

The Bella collection includes 13 porcelain tiles, with six neutral options like the black-and-white Mori and gray-toned Picasso.
Made of porcelain, these tiles have a range of applications, from residential to commercial, floors and walls, and interior and exterior.

Artis collection by Lapicida

The style and color palette of the Artis collection duplicates the natural shading and veining of both quartz and marble, as well as wood.
Inspired by free-flowing patterns and textures of the movements of water, SPLASH! incorporates gentle lines to create forms.

Emulsion by Artaic

The new design creates a marbled mural, with a mixed color palette that translates into any hospitality space.