We need you: Help shape the direction of Hotel Management’s surveys

Stephanie Ricca
Stephanie Ricca

Stephanie Ricca

Wow, we do a lot of surveys here at Hotel Management.

Take the one in this issue, for example. The Top Hotel Companies survey is hands-down the biggest one of the year because it pulls together management companies, owners and franchisors into one survey and ranks them by the number of guestrooms in their Americas portfolio. It’s a big one, for sure, but it’s only one of the million surveys we do here annually. Well, we don’t actually do a million, it just feels like that sometimes—it’s really 11. But whether 11 or a million, our surveys generate a lot of data. And it’s data that’s in demand—I get a lot of phone calls and emails about our surveys, from people looking for survey results from years past, to people who like to correct my counting and spelling skills. (I appreciate it. Really I do.)

We are constantly tweaking survey questions, ways to send surveys and platforms to present the data to our readers. This year we built a dedicated portal on our website where readers can download the latest surveys, and it’s generated a lot of hits (www.hotelmanagement.net/research/surveys). It’s a great start to show where these surveys will go in the future.

We know though that the way our readers want to take surveys and the way they want to receive the information from surveys is always changing. So to meet that demand, we’re researching some ways to make our surveys more beneficial to you.

To get there, we need your feedback. I’m creating a research advisory board for Hotel Management. If you’re interested in joining this board, drop me a line. It’s a chance to share honest feedback about our surveys and other research projects, and to have a hand in shaping their direction. We’ve come a long way with these surveys (hey, who remembers when we used to collect information by fax?) and there are always exciting new options for the future. So if you’re interested in finding out how to get more involved, send me an email to the address below.

Speaking of this year’s Top Hotel Companies survey, check out some interesting facts

* 83 percent of this year’s responding companies offer third-party management services, 52 percent of responders are hotel owners, 32 percent are developers, 14 percent are franchisors and 3 percent are membership companies.

* 21 of the companies in this year’s list are headquartered in Texas, 19 each are based in Florida and California, and 15 are based in New York.

* This year’s headquarters represent 45 states. And here’s what some of this year’s survey respondents had to say about the current state of the industry—many of these trends were reflected at this year’s Hotel Data Conference (see the story on page 1). 

* “It’s a great time to be an aggressive developer, owner or operator.”

* “Continued steady demand with limited inventory will continue to make the industry push opportunity through 2015 and will also make it a more appealing investment arena.”

* “Today’s market is one of the strongest and we are recognizing many value-add opportunities with premium brands in secondary markets.”

* “More people are becoming technology savvy and the hotel industry needs to find ways to adapt to the changing demands through mobile development, e-commerce and social media engagement.”

These are positive words to hear, so let’s keep the good times rolling!