The Gale South Beach works with RoamingAround for enhanced cellular coverage

During a $35 million restoration initiative with considerable infrastructure and cosmetic upgrades, The Gale South Beach in Miami, a Menin Hospitality property, turned to RoamingAround and RoamBoost cellular signal enhancement solution.

RoamBoost uses an exclusive technology and a network of highly efficient antennas to enhance in-building cellular coverage for all carriers. This solution defeats one of the most complex challenges that hotels face today by enhancing the local geography's coverage inside the building. This ensures that all mobile calls and data communications are conducted successfully.

"Our staff is always moving around the property, making is incredibly difficult to reach them on a landline," said Jared Galbut, Menin Hospitality managing principal. "The best way to connect with team members is on their cell phones. Unfortunately, without cell service, communicating is near impossible. Regent Cocktail Club guests were equally as frustrated, unable to share their pictures and posts with friends on social media. Thankfully, RoamingAround came highly recommended as a mobility expert that could quickly fix our problem.