Singapore's General Hotel Management to launch midscale Tin Hotels brand

Singapore-based General Hotel Management, a collection of luxury hotels and boutique resorts in Asia, the Middle East and Europe, has partnered with van de Bunt Partners to launch Tin Hotels, a midmarket brand of accommodations. 

In a statement, the luxury operator said that its move into the midtier market was “fueled by both the travel preferences in the dominant consumers’ demographics, as well as by GHM’s recognition of marrying relevance and its expertise in the current market situation.”

“We want to challenge the status quo and bring the pursuit of excellence and style to the mid-market tier,” said Hans Jenni, GHM’s co-founder and president. “This will be a new chapter in the history of GHM.”

The concept for Tin Hotels is aimed at the travel trends of the growing middle-class population and the millennials that want “an enriching lifestyle-based travel experience” at a “value proposition that sets it apart.” Beyond these broad conceptual ideals, Jenni believes that Tin Hotels’ business model will be attractive for investors. “It is yield-driven and right from the onset, optimized for efficiencies.”

More exciting news! #GHM partners with #vandenBuntPartners to open #TinHotels

— GHM (@GHMhotels) August 25, 2016

“GHM is known in the luxury hospitality market for its innovation, design and elegance,” Peter van de Bunt, the MD of van de Bunt Partners, said. “This partnership for Tin Hotels intends to employ their expertise in a segment that has great potential to evolve beyond the mediocre.” The partnership was reportedly formed after many months of research and preparation to enter this broader market.

The Tin Hotels team aims to expand swiftly, starting with the launch of its first hotels in Dubai and Oman and over the course of the next few years, to grow within the Gulf region before reaching its target of 35 properties in 2022.