Occupancy and revenue are dropping across the country's hotels, but there is still great interest in Germany's hospitality sector.

OCBC Investment Research reported Far East will increase growth and earnings if it buys Singapore's Oasia Hotel Downtown.

After an internship sparked her interest in hospitality, Anne Legrand worked her way up to run several luxury hotels in Paris and London.

The spirits were developed exclusively for the hotel by Delamain Cognac and Heaven Hill Bourbon.

The mid-century modern-designed restaurant features a new menu, a mixology bar and more, paired with a curated contemporary art collection.

Marriott International is looking back at 2017 as the company’s most successful year for signing development contracts outside of North America.

Marc Suennemann, who has 28 years of industry experience, will manage culinary operations for the 507-room hotel in the Buckhead area.

John Remmers has 32 years of experience managing hotels and boutique hotel brands.