Guests now are able to quickly and conveniently enter their room with a swipe of their mobile device.

The management company also is using Springer-Miller’s hosting services, leveraging the scalability, reliability and security of Amazon Web Services.

Expedia remains a monumental power in hospitality and travel, and no single deficient quarter or leadership change will be enough to slow this beast’s growth.

Hilton introduces its Connected Room,a high-tech platform that allows guests to control their room’s thermostat, lighting, blinds, television and other…

InterContinental Malta in St. George’s Bay has implemented Guestware to personalize the guest experience and simplify staff response to requests.

ICE: Mobile Dining will provide an out-of-room dining experience for guests using their mobile device while they stay at the hotel.

Looking back at Expedia’s performance in 2017, more of the same—but faster—isn’t looking like a bad approach for the coming year.

The Avid Hotel Oklahoma City–Quail Springs will be owned and operated by Champion Hotels, which owns numerous properties in Oklahoma City, including Hilton…