Looking back at Expedia’s performance in 2017, more of the same—but faster—isn’t looking like a bad approach for the coming year.

The Avid Hotel Oklahoma City–Quail Springs will be owned and operated by Champion Hotels, which owns numerous properties in Oklahoma City, including Hilton…

Expedia and G6 Hospitality have teamed up in the Expedia Technology partnership to share technology and marketing insights.

Roxy, a Seattle startup that offers a customizable voice assistant and touchscreen smart speaker for the hotel industry, has raised $2.2 million in seed money.

The product provides both staff and guest-facing voice-based interactions that operate seamlessly alongside existing software in the hotel.

The Las Vegas resort implemented an online payment and posting software product to enhance the security of consumers' credit card information.

Social media is a powerful way to get your brand in front of consumers, but your message will be lost without influencers to drive the message home.

The company offers a suite of artificial intelligence tools to augment and optimize hotel and resort performance.

Hotel guests now can check in by taking a selfie using a new all-in-one mobile phone app debuted at the Singapore Tourism Board conference last week.