Designed by Bernhardt Designs, the new guestrooms have design that accents the fun spirit of South Beach with new lighting and furnishings.

Inspired by Ontario’s provincial flower, the stools are available either in all-grey or as a multi-colored set.

Designed with minimalistic office spaces in mind, the collection includes a variety of furniture options.

The rooftop bar’s aesthetic drew from eastern culture with ornate patterns adorning the bar and VIP areas.

The five-star property, previously known as the Asara Villa & Suite Hua Hin, underwent a complete rebranding and refurbishment.

MarkZeff fused the bohemian with the Japanese to update the interiors of the historic property with modern touches.

The 105,565-square-foot lifestyle hotel was designed as a 12-story high-rise building on the site of the former Sfuzzi Restaurant.

Lauren Bucherie, Kimpton’s director of music and brand activation, customizes unique soundtracks for 140 distinct “musical identities” across the company'…