Guests will learn the evolution of American cocktail culture over the past 150 years while acquiring the skills needed to create the perfect drink.

Families are invited to feast on delectable pastries by renowned Mexican celebrity pastry chef Paulina Abascal and a selection of Dammann Frerès teas.

Colin McPhee will oversee menu development and culinary creations for the hotel and restaurant as well as catering for on-property events and in-room dining.

Expedia remains a monumental power in hospitality and travel, and no single deficient quarter or leadership change will be enough to slow this beast’s growth.

Don't bug out, but Terminix has named its 2017 and inaugural Pest of the Year and the winner of the icky honor goes to this creepy crawler.

Anthony Mallows, a trained architect and city planner, has worked in property development, real estate, master planning, finance and design services.

ICE: Mobile Dining will provide an out-of-room dining experience for guests using their mobile device while they stay at the hotel.

Looking back at Expedia’s performance in 2017, more of the same—but faster—isn’t looking like a bad approach for the coming year.

Private lender Hall Structured Finance closed a $17.3-million loan to fund the construction of this new 126-room hotel.