Steigenberger plans hotel growth in Egypt

The Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts brand is slated to open three new hotels across Egypt this year, and according to Thomas Willms, CEO/Deutsche Hospitality, which umbrellas the brand, the company will be expanding across the country "on an ongoing basis."

With 12 hotels in Egypt, plans are in place to open two hotels this year–the 158-room Steigenberger Hotel El Lessan Ras El Bar near Damiettay and Steigenberger Resort Achti on the East bank of the Nile.

Conversion works are currently being carried out to update the Resort Achti Luxor; the plan is for it to start official operations with 281 rooms, suites and bungalows under the new brand name in Q3.

Deutsche Hospitality indicated it aims to achieve annual growth of 15 percent and development plans are in place for more than 30 hotels by 2021, largely in the Middle East and Europe.