What Jörg Lindner learned while developing a new resort brand

(Mediterranean Resort & Hotel Real Estate Forum)

At the 2018 Mediterranean Resort & Hotel Real Estate Forum, Oct. 17-19 in Athens, Jörg Lindner, managing partner of the Lindner Group and of 12.18. Investment Management, will participate in a panel focusing on how different resorts combine traditional and modern styles, and how hoteliers can reposition a property into a luxury wellness resort. 

Lindner has more than 30 years of experience in housing, office, retail and hotel property development, financing and management. He has been involved in developing the new 7Pines Resort on Ibiza, a seaside property with a distinct focus on wellness.

Ahead of the conference, Lindner shared his insights on the challenges of developing a new brand in the Mediterranean, the value of wellness and growth in the region.

1. In what markets are you seeing the best opportunities for development and why?

In view of the global political situation, it is of course essential for us as project developers to choose our locations in such a way that stability is guaranteed.

All in all, the leisure segment is enormously promising for us: According to forecasts, worldwide travel volume will double by 2030. The global middle class is growing and more and more people are making travel affordable and part of their lifestyle. As a result, we have an urgent need for hotels and overnight accommodation.

2. What are the major challenges of developing a resort brand in the Mediterranean?

The Mediterranean region has been well developed for decades. In this respect, the competitive pressure is significantly higher than in less developed regions. This presents a project developer with certain challenges: The aim here is to create an offer that clearly stands out from the competition and develops its own USP, for example in terms of gastronomy. This aspect is the focus of all our properties, as we are convinced that innovation in the hotel industry is significantly driven by F&B.

3. How important is the wellness component for the 7Pines brand? How can wellness considerations increase the value of a hotel property?

Jörg Lindner
Jörg Lindner
Photo credit: Lindner Group

The wellness aspect is immensely important for our hotels. We set ourselves apart from other competitors by offering holistic procedures tailored to the guest. The desire for health, physical fitness [and] a radiant appearance is very pronounced among many people. At the same time, however, people have less and less time and therefore want to see quick and short-term success. Our special offers achieve visible results after a short time and provide the necessary impulses to continue the process at home.

At the same time, the Pure 7 Spa offers a seasonal extension: our resort is open all year round. With the Pure 7 Spa we are thus also appealing to those seeking relaxation in the colder season, who will find a wide variety of relaxation programs in the spa.

4. Where do you see the 7Pines brand in 10 years?

In the long term, we want to grow, further develop the 7Pines brand and raise awareness. We already have some interesting objects in the Mediterranean region in view—for example, in Sardinia, in Venice or on the Cote d'Azur.

It is important to include regional and cultural specificities in the concept. Each resort should meet the same quality standards and offer the same amenities but provide the guest with an individual experience.

5. Who or what were your inspirations when you started working in hospitality?

The hospitality industry was already very attractive 30 years ago. Today, it still holds enormous potential and promises high returns. The market is becoming increasingly differentiated. It is our inspiration to offer the guest a tangible added value and to stand out from our competitors.