All-inclusive Hard Rock Hotels focus on health with new food-and-beverage concept

(Hard Rock Hotels Fresh Fix)

In response to the increased popularity and demand for health-conscious travel, the all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotels announced the launch of Fresh Fix, an entirely new F&B concept and dynamic new dining offering with an extra dose of nutrition.

In collaboration with Mexican-born graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, Chef Karla Hernandez has developed a healthier culinary experience for select restaurants on-property at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun and Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya in Mexico (with plans to expand to the remaining all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotels).

Focusing on fresh, organic and locally sourced ingredients, the new innovative healthy food and beverage menu offers chef-crafted cuisine perfect for travelers looking to indulge without derailing healthy eating habits. The concept is designed to diversify dinner menu options, while highlighting unique flavors and natural ingredients. Whether it’s an appetizer for a social start, a refreshing soup to warm things up or a not-so-sinful dessert, there are unlimited, high-quality options available in select theme restaurant’s unique setting, including freshly prepared food — think crisp salads, gourmet appetizers and decadent desserts.