Rosewood Washington unveils inauguration-themed beverage flights

Keith Goldston, master sommelier at Rosewood Washington D.C., is debuting two different beverage flights for those looking to toast to the 2016 president-elect or drown their sorrows this January. From Jan. 1 through Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, The Grill Room and The Rye Bar at Rosewood Washington D.C. will offer two wines, available by the glass or bottle, two draft beers and two suggested spirits, available by the shot or mixed into a cocktail, that were specifically selected for the occasion.

If your candidate won, then it’s all about a celebration. Below are three beverages that will certainly get the party going:

  • Pol Roger Champagne, priced at $25 a glass or $98 a bottle, is a classic Champagne. “The reason I think it’s a great call is Pol Roger was the favorite Champagne of Winston Churchill and he consumed so much of it that Pol Roger now makes a truly delicious and expensive cuvee in his honor,” Goldston said. “So while celebrating our new president why not drink the Champagne of one of the world’ great leaders.”
  • Gin. “Gin to me has always been a happy and an uplifting spirit. The buzz is second to none and when combined with tonic it makes one of the easiest drinking cocktails ever conceived,” Goldston said. “So go ahead and make up a libation and sit back and enjoy the parade.” Priced at $8 per shot.
  • Budweiser, priced at $6 a glass, or $12 for a 12-ounce beer and a 1.5-ounce shot of gin. “Nothing says America like good old Budweiser,” Goldston said. “It’s affordable, super easy to drink and honestly it is really nice sometimes to drink something that doesn’t ask a thing of you, is easy to understand and most importantly something you don’t have to think about to enjoy.”

If your candidate lost then it’s not about the celebration, it is all about hiding the pain and disappointment in a cloud of alcohol. Below are some recommendations to help to help numb the pain:

  • 2014 The Prisoner, priced at $22 a glass or $88 a bottle. A Zinfandel and Cab blend from California that is big, lush and packed with ripe and jam fruit flavors, plus best of all it is usually over 15% alcohol per volume. “Hopefully the next four years will not feel like an actual prison but even if they do then this is the wine to help you through,” Goldston said.
  • Bourbon. Bourbon is the spirit that is tied to our history as a country and it seems fitting to drink as we look to the future. “Try the Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, it is made by extracting bourbon out of the staves of the barrels that it has been ageing in for years so you end up with a more flavorful and higher proof than most other bourbons,” Goldston said. Priced at $8 per shot.
  • Stone IPA, priced at $9 a glass, or $15 for a 12-ounce beer and a 1.5-ounce shot of bourbon. “Stone Brewing out San Diego might not have invented the craft beer IPA but they certainly make one of the best,” Goldston said. “Massive amounts of hops give you an extremely bitter flavor (a perfect primer for four years of sulking) and almost double the alcohol of your average beer will give you the courage you need to double down on your beliefs and start the hard work of fighting for change.”