SevenRooms report provides data on hotel F&B preferences

tables and chairs in a restaurant
According to a new report from SevenRooms' report, 31 percent of Americans think hotels with great restaurants are more memorable than those without. Photo credit: Getty Images/Relentless_one

SevenRooms, a data-driven hospitality platform, released its “Checking in For F&B” report this month. In it, the group provides data from third-party research firm YouGov that examines people’s preferences regarding hotel restaurants and bars.

According to the data, 65 percent of Americans would choose one hotel over another if that hotel stay included a complimentary breakfast, 51 percent would be more inclined to book a hotel room that includes a complimentary drink or meal upon arrival and 31 percent think hotels with great restaurants are more memorable than those without.

What Guests Want

The survey asked respondents what F&B factors would sway them to a hotel either for the first time or for a return visit. Aside from a complimentary meal or drink, the data found some of the top selections were:

  • A variety of food options for all dietary preferences and restrictions (34 percent)
  • Loyalty rewards for their restaurants and bars (32 percent)
  • The hotel sent a personalized offer to book again based on previous dining and stay history (23 percent)
  • The hotel asked for dietary preferences/restrictions prior to the stay, making the trip more tailored and seamless (19 percent)
  • The minibar was personalized to snack/drink preferences based on previous stays or allergies (14 percent)

Building Loyalty

The survey also looked at what factors would lead guests to stay loyal to a certain brand.

  • Perks for free food or drinks: 36 percent said they were more likely to book with the same brand if its loyalty program made it easier to earn rewards outside of hotel room nights.
  • Ensuring variety: 34 percent said they like the convenience of staying at the same brand in different cities but expect there to be variety with food and drink at each location.
  • Communication between locations: 29 percent expect their preferences and guest profile to be easily communicated between properties.
  • Service: 26 percent said of one brand location had poor service in their restaurant or bar, they’d reconsider continuing to book with the brand.
  • Unique offerings: 24 percent said if a hotel in their area has unique F&B options, they’re more likely to consider booking with that brand when traveling.

YouGov’s survey polled 1,254 individuals online on Aug. 26 and 27.