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Y!kes rolls out smartphone-based door locks

Hotel Management spoke with Ben Robertson, CEO of y!kes, about the company’s new door lock system that uses Bluetooth connectivity to allow guests with smartphones to bypass check-in and unlock their door simply by touching the handle. In the future, the company plans to expand the system’s proximity-awareness technology to encompass multiple aspects of the guest’s stay.
PCI compliance: A 12-step program

PCI compliance: A 12-step program

Visa has levied a July 1 deadline for merchants to conform to the PCI Data Security Standard, a set of

• Create a security culture of data protection, compliance
• To prevent security breaches, know how they occur
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requirements for enhancing payment account data security developed by the PCI Security Standards Council. Other credit card brands have set similar deadlines for compliance.
Plan ahead for natural disasters

Plan ahead for natural disasters

Plan for the unexpected, develop emergency preparations for known threats, join seminars to simulate responses to disasters and surf the Internet for hotel associations’ tips and advice. These are among the views of lodging executives for coping with floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and droughts.