Use this checklist when performing room inspections

(Use this checklist when performing room inspections)

As the busy summer season begins to wind down, it’s a good time to take a look around your property and survey the wear and tear. Most major metropolitan cities have seen an increase in occupancy this season. As the hospitality industry begins to slowly recover, it’s time to look at your preventive maintenance schedule, your linen PAR levels, and dust off those plans to renovate your guestrooms and lobby areas. According to PKF research, occupancy levels are expected to increase over the next year. So if you are looking to increase your property’s revenue, you will want to make sure all your rooms are functioning, and replace any items that were cannibalized from other guestrooms last year. Some properties had to close off floors or wings of their property in order to cut costs in 2009, but as travelers begin to loosen their belts and get ready to spend again, you do not want to be caught off guard with nonfunctioning rooms.

A good rule of thumb is to start inspecting 25 percent of your rooms each month and make the necessary repairs, thus each room would be properly maintained at least three times a year. If your maintenance inspections are in conjunction with a “deep cleaning” program, every room should be maintained in near perfect condition. Here is a basic checklist of items to inspect:

Air conditioners/heaters:
Check that switches/control valves are working properly
Check that the thermostat dial positions are working
Check the thermostat probe to make sure it is secure and working properly
Check that filters are clean and replace if needed
Check fan and motor; clean, lubricate and secure it in place
Clean evaporation and condenser units
Clean condensation pans and drains
Clean, maintain exterior grill 
Check for leaks in the refrigeration system

Check lamp switches are working correctly
Check lamp socket and swivels are tight and in good repair
Check lampshades are clean with no holes
Check that all light bulbs are working properly
Check lamp base/body are in good repair
Check timer switches are working correctly
Check that heat lamps are working properly
Clean all fixtures 
Check that all switch/outlet plates are good

Guestroom appliances:
Check televisions for clear audio and video
Check that the remote is clean and working properly—replace batteries if necessary
Check that the telephones are working 
Check that windows/mirrors are good

If you are a full-service hotel and have brought your PAR levels down significantly, now is the time to increase your linen and terry inventory levels. China, the world’s largest consumer and exporter of cotton, has experienced double digit growth and has consumed more cotton than it has produced this year. In addition, the Indian government announced the suspension of cotton export registrations.

Supplies are expected to remain tight over the next year. This will have a direct effect on the prices of linens and towels, which are expected to rise as the supply continues to shrink. Do not wait to replenish your property’s PAR levels of linens and terry.