WOM Allenby opens as Tel Aviv's first pod hotel

The hotel has 40 pod rooms in both single- and double-occupancy arrangements. Photo credit: Wom Allenby(Photo credit: Brown Hotels)

Tel Aviv has its first pod hotel. The opening of the WOM Allenby at 21 Allenby St. is the debut of a new brand of pod-style hotels for urban hubs, short for "Word Of Mouth." 

The hotel has 40 pod rooms in both single- and double-occupancy arrangements across three categories (solo, twin and king). Each pod has a bed, a desk, a sink, a television screen and sound system, storage space and a safety deposit box. Guests can download an app that will handle checking in and out; control each room's lights, sound, WiFi, TV and offer the ability to communicate with other guests, hotel staff and book city tours directly from their phone.

Every three to four guests share a single-occupancy bathroom in the hotel's hallway.

WOM is a member of Brown Hotels, the Tel Aviv-based hospitality group. The Wom Allenby is located under the new Lighthouse Hotel by Brown Hotels, and guests staying at WOM can use the hotel's facilities, including the fifth floor restaurant and Haiku Skybar on the 18th floor. 

WOM is looking to expand in both Israel and across Western Europe. The brand's second hotel, Wom Neve Tzedek, will open in Tel Aviv in the fall with 140 rooms.