6 considerations for maximizing presidential suite offerings

The business case behind offering presidential suites is compelling—as long as hotel owners differentiate the suite and operators deliver on maximizing the utilization and rate capture of these suites.

Presidential suites are the most luxurious accommodations offered by hotels. Brands typically offer only one or two suites of this caliber at a given property. These suites capture the most discerning luxury travelers and are a key differentiator when targeting the high-rated international guest segment. 

The guest segment for these multibedroom retreats is niche—think celebrities, heads of state and their inner-circle staffers, CEOs and high-net-worth individuals.

From an investment perspective, presidential suites are lucrative due to the high average daily rates they can achieve. The decision to invest in a presidential suite requires a thoughtful market and competitive set analysis.

Below are top considerations brands and owners must include as part of their presidential suite offering:

  1. Residential features are important. They often include separate sleeping and living quarters, state-of-the-art technology, high-tech security systems, a wet bar and prep kitchen, fireplaces, outdoor terraces and an oversized executive work desk. Bespoke interior design and artwork set presidential suites apart. 
  2. Privacy, security and convenience are presidential suite perks. For the highest-rated business traveler, royal and international delegations, connectivity to other guest suites and space for conducting meetings is a must-have. Ensuring the floorplan offers quick access to other rooms is a feature guests will appreciate. Incorporating a flexible physical layout with multiple hosting spaces and access to an outdoor terrace and premium views also can increase the utilization of these suites for events.
  3. A full-scale, well-appointed private fitness room and on-demand, interactive fitness systems can set a suite apart from the pack.
  4. It’s arguably an expectation that presidential suites offer the latest, fully integrated technology and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. Examples include best-in-class speakers, smart televisions and multifunction electronic control panels.
  5. The bathroom is one of the biggest differentiators and an area that many brands could improve upon. Top features include large soaking tubs with a TV and separate glass-enclosed shower, steam baths, rain showers, marble fixtures, designated sitting areas and plenty of vanity space.
  6. A curated experience and flawless service are musts. Examples of extraordinary service include a luxurious linen package, a gift delivered daily, specialized security packages, sophisticated flower arrangements, dedicated 24/7 butler service and 24-hour housekeeping—nothing but the best of the best from beginning to end.

Andrea Grigg is managing director, JLL Hotels & Hospitality.