JW Marriott unveils wardrobe collection, garment recycling

Cincinnati-based apparel company Cintas Corporation is collaborating with Marriott International’s JW Marriott brand to debut a wardrobe collection at 51 of the brand’s hotels worldwide, as well as a garment-recycling program managed by Cintas to reuse the brand’s retired uniform line.

“We are excited about the new wardrobe launch as it will give JW Marriott associates the opportunity to mix and match garments that best fit their job function, personality and style preferences,” Mitzi Gaskins, VP and global brand leader of JW Marriott, said in a statement. “JW Marriott’s participation in Cintas’ garment-recycling program aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainable practices and will help support key eco-friendly brandwide initiatives.”

The new wardrobe collection will be designed using feedback solicited from JW Marriott associates. The recycling program will take place from now through May 31 and will be available at 26 JW Marriott hotels in the U.S. As part of the program, participating hotels will collect retired uniforms in the boxes used to ship the new garments. Cintas is partnering with Boston-based textile waste management company Leigh Fibers to shred the obsolete garments and repurpose the remaining fibers for future use.

“Because JW Marriott associates provided insightful feedback about fit and functionality during the design process, they really helped us curate the best collection possible for the brand,” Jenn Pampenella, global account manager, Cintas Corporation, said in a statement. “Cintas and Marriott also worked closely to bring our shared commitment to sustainability to the program. Our garment-recycling program will allow JW Marriott’s U.S. hotels to divert textile waste from our nation’s already strained landfills.”