Meet the Money announces “The LIIC Top 10” for 2024

Last week at JMBM’s Meet the Money hotel finance conference, The Lodging Industry Investment Council released its LIIC Top 10— the 2024 update of its an annual survey of investment sentiment.

The members of LIIC represent the acquisition and disposition control of more than $60 billion in lodging real estate. LIIC members comprise some of the hospitality industry's influential investors, lenders, corporate real estate executives, REITs, public hotel companies, brokers and advisors.

For almost 20 years, LIIC has prepared an annual survey of it members to identify their top concerns and issues affecting hotel investment. This survey results in the LIIC Top 10—a profile of investment sentiment and attitudes for the lodging industry for the forthcoming 12 months.

This year`s survey was compiled by LIIC`s co-chairman, Michael Cahill. Cahill is president and founder of HREC—Hospitality Real Estate Counselors, a national hotel and casino advisory and brokerage firm specializing in lodging property sales, debt refinancing, consulting and litigation support.

LIIC serves as the leading industry think tank servicing the hospitality business.

LIIC Top 10

This year’s LIIC identified and provided insight on these 10 elements affecting hotel investment. They are listed in reverse order of importance to the LIIC members. 

  1. Hotel Guestroom Demand
  2. New Hotel Development
  3. Where NOT to Buy a Hotel, and Where to Buy a Hotel
  4. Hotel Buyers Struggling to Find Product
  5. What Do Lodging Investors Want
  6. Impact of Inflation
  7. Impact of Hotel Debt
  8. Hotel Cap Rates and Transactions Market
  9. Greatest Four Threats to Your Hotel Investment
  10. Hotel Property Investment

Overall, the report trended toward cautious optimism, especially for the recovery of corporate travel and lender activity.