Best Western launches two new hotel brands

Photo credit: Best Western (Best Western Sadie Aiden)

At the Lodging Conference in Phoenix, Best Western Hotels & Resorts announced a pair of new boutique brands: Sadie Hotel and Aiden Hotel. Sadie Hotel will fit in the upscale segment while Aiden Hotel will compete in the upper-midscale segment. 

These conversion brands are designed offer developers a chance to reposition existing properties with a design program that offers “unprecedented flexibility,” the company said in a statement, allowing hoteliers to tap into the local flair of their market, broaden their customer base and achieve higher revenue per available room.
“Sadie Hotel and Aiden Hotel are chic, sophisticated and unique hotel brands that will reflect the style and pulse of the community they are in,” David Kong, president & CEO at Best Western Hotels & Resorts, said in a statement. “Both Sadie Hotel and Aiden Hotel present the opportunity for independent hoteliers or developers with branded hotels to reposition their property in a unique way, taking advantage of our cost-effective, turnkey and customized design and renovation program. A dedicated onboarding team will ensure these repositioned hotels are quickly integrated with Best Western’s powerful revenue engines intended to drive a fast ramp-up in business. A marketing and [public relations] playbook for each hotel will drive social media visibility and buzz.”

Design and Integration

Both Sadie Hotel and Aiden Hotel will give developers the chance to incorporate local flair into their designs, retrofitting or rebranding an existing hotel with a unique aesthetic. The brands make creative use space and technology while eliminating some typical hotel requirements. At the center of each hotel will be a multifunctional public area with either a café or bar, modern signature seating and mobile check-in. 
Every hotel will be on-boarded in a rapid ramp-up with near-immediate access to Best Western’s website, global partnerships and sales team, and state-of-the-art revenue-management system. Hotels also will have access to a revenue manager to maximize revenue and reduce operating costs. 

With the launch of the new brands, Best Western portfolio comprises 13 brands, continuing the evolution begun by the company’s $2-billion brand refresh. Sadie and Aiden properties will have access to the Best Western Rewards program, which contributes about 50 percent of gross room revenue to hotels.
Best Western will provide customizable marketing playbooks for Sadie and Aiden properties to support PR and social-media efforts.