Adopting A Customer-Centric Approach To Recovery


As the hospitality industry emerges from recovery thanks to vaccine rollouts and consumers’ desire to travel again and venture beyond the comfort of their home, hotels need to be in a stronger position than ever before to secure customers and their sought-after loyalty.

Hoteliers are dealing with fierce competition as properties rebuild their businesses, so having a timely, customer-centric strategy is crucial. Here are some key considerations for how hotels can effectively compete and operate smarter while always maintaining a deep focus on the guest.

Embrace Technology To Bolster Customer Relationships

Travelers carry numerous technology-backed expectations when they are away for business or pleasure, and hotels need to meet and exceed those demands.  

Hotels can establish a stronger customer relationship by adopting technology and automation, plus help rebuild consumer confidence and trust in travel, creating a “home away from home.” What were once considered “nice-to-have” features – such as mobile key, mobile check-in and check-out, and digital menus – have emerged as “must-haves,” and hotels are increasingly implementing innovative, contactless technology to deliver on guest expectations.

Measures to reduce touch-points put safety and addressing consumer concerns at the forefront, which can enrich the guest perspective and overall experience. Technology can also be used to cut costs without sacrificing the quality of the guest stay; enhanced efficiency resulting from the implementation of new technologies allows hotels to function better.

Recognize Consumers’ New-Found Emphasis On Indoor Air Quality

Concerns about particles circulating in the air have taken on new meaning in the past year with social distancing and mask-wearing now part of the everyday conversation. Emerging from the pandemic and embarking on a road to recovery means acknowledging this new consumer mindset in order to regain trust and remain competitive.

To achieve enhanced indoor air quality, hotels are encouraged to make informed decisions based on appropriate guidelines, optimize management of a property’s HVAC system, and improve central air filtration. Implementing these types of cost-effective measures can make a positive difference with indoor air quality, helping strengthen that “home away from home” environment of comfort and safety that today’s travelers crave like never before. Connect with an experienced supplier such as National Grid, who can offer guidance and customized solutions, so hoteliers can make educated, strategic decisions about improving indoor air quality, which is likely to have a meaningful impact on guest satisfaction.

Be Green – Adopt Measures To Reduce Energy Spend

Costs are always top-of-mind for hoteliers as they look to boost the bottom line while raising guest happiness. To address this, a growing number of hotels are instituting environmentally-friendly strategies to deliver a significant return on investment, both financially and in the minds of guests, who greatly appreciate, and in some cases expect, green efforts at properties.

Although being green is not new, hotels are increasingly adopting measures to decrease energy/electricity spending, including installation of LED lights, smart windows, and energy star appliances, along with practicing preventative maintenance for all appliances. A green-mindset is also being incorporated into culinary operations. Hotels can use less energy resulting in reduced costs by replacing outdated gas and electric kitchen equipment, which can lead to shorter cook times, higher production rates and more satisfied patrons; adding highly efficient LED lighting to a hotel’s exterior to attract more customers, improve safety, and provide a better curbside experience; and taking advantage of financial incentives for restaurant equipment upgrades to help create long-term energy efficiency and safer spaces.

National Grid customers can seek out the company’s insights and assistance to develop a cost-effective, customized plan of action that creates comfort, confidence and savings. The right partner can provide personalized solutions and support to significantly impact a hotel’s long-term health and wealth.

Monitor A Hotel’s Online Reputation

In a social media COVID world, reviews matter more than ever especially when it comes to cleanliness.

It’s crucial for hotels to be visible with their cleanliness efforts in order to build consumer confidence in travel – plus, superior sanitization procedures give guests a reason to praise a hotel on social platforms. Consumers are in the position to powerfully influence a property’s online reputation by conveying the high level of cleanliness and their personal comfort level.

Hotels should also use social media to their advantage as well by promoting theirs cleanliness and green efforts, and the infrastructure and systems they’ve established to create a safe getaway, a hotel that recognizes travelers’ priorities and is going above and beyond to deliver an unrivaled experience.


As hoteliers move forward in today’s new normal, a customer-centric approach to reinvigorating business is more important than ever. The key lies in choosing the right partners and resources to help you improve guest confidence, comfort, and connection with your brand – all while keeping you a step ahead of your competitors. Visit here to learn more about opportunities for savings and support.

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