Chargerback adds new features for Apple AirTags

Cloud-based lost and found software company Chargerback has launched new features for users of Apple AirTags to facilitate finding and returning lost items. Starting today, Chargerback’s software now can upload AirTag item location information from Apple’s Find My app to make it easier for hotels, airlines and other Chargerback partners to locate and return lost items to their owners.

“We welcome Apple’s entrance into the device tracking industry as it will only increase the likelihood of finding lost items, giving our partners an even better chance of returning precious items to their customers and providing great customer service,” said Brian Colodny president and CFO of Chargerback. “Chargerback is excited to offer new features to continuously meet the needs of our partners in the hospitality and travel industries.”

While Apple AirTag and other consumer tracking devices are great when you’re at the same location as the lost item, the real problem arises when a consumer has already left an airplane, airport or travel destination, according to Chargerback. While the consumer may know exactly where the item is thanks to the tracking device data, they are no longer at the location and thus not able to retrieve it. Chargerback software will help the partner to find the item and ship it back to the consumer at no cost to the partner. All consumers need to do is file a lost report with the Chargerback business partner where the item was lost and upload any tracking data that can help the business easily locate the item quickly.

“Increased travel means more lost items,” Colodny said. “Over the years, we have helped return over 3 million lost items to their owners. These recoveries have helped to keep items and potential toxicity out of landfills, part of Chargerback’s Green Initiative. Beyond that, returning items to their owners is important not only for their monetary, sentimental value and the proprietary information they may contain.”

Chargerback’s cloud-based software provides inventory management, customer communication and shipping solutions in one platform. Hotels, airlines and tourist destinations that partner with Chargerback are able to manage their entire lost-and-found inventory through the Chargerback portal, which tracks item chain-of-custody every step of the way and provides shipping through FedEx and the United States Postal Service. 

The new features are part of Chargerback’s innovation program. For example, as the pandemic spread, Chargerback created a new, contactless pickup option for item owners who were able to retrieve their item in person. This allowed their partners to maintain social distancing requirements while still meeting the needs of their guests.