Choice names Delta Five a qualified vendor

The Delta Five system can find a single bedbug before guests, hotel staff, pest-management providers or canines. Photo credit: Delta Five

Choice Hotels International selected Delta Five Systems for its qualified-vendor program. The agreement supports Choice-branded properties’ access to the Delta Five automated bedbug-detection system, helping Choice franchisees to safeguard their guests’ experience, protect the reputations of their hotels and receive significant cost savings over traditional pest-management methods.
Choice Hotels franchises approximately 7,000 hotels representing more than 570,000 rooms worldwide across myriad brands, including the Ascend Hotel Collection, Cambria Hotels, Comfort, Sleep Inn, Quality, Clarion and MainStay Suites.
“Our revolutionary technology for bedbug prevention will enable Choice franchisees to avoid problems,” Al Safarikas, Delta Five's chief marketing officer and strategy officer,  said in a  statement. “Bedbugs are usually brought in by guests—one or two at a time. The solution is early detection. By installing the Delta Five Automated Bed Bug Detection System, hotel managers can find a bedbug before the bedbug finds another guest and prevent infestations before they can start.”
According to Delta Five, its system can find a single bedbug before guests, hotel staff, pest-management providers or canines. Unlike heat treatments or spraying, the Delta Five electronic lure delivers proactive 24/7 monitoring of guestrooms to attract and trap the bugs. A notification instantly is sent over Wi-Fi to hotel staff via text or email. The cloud-based system retains capture data and enables hoteliers to track trends and forecast potential issues.

With the timely detection, notification, inspection and elimination of bedbugs the way they come in—one or two at a time—the Delta Five system can help prevent infestations rather than only treating them after they occur.

Through its qualified-vendor program, Choice franchisees have the option to take advantage of a negotiated brand discount for the Delta Five system, simplifying the purchasing process at the hotel level.