Expedia announces feature and product updates

Expedia Group has unveiled its Fall Release 2023, a collection of new features and products that reinvents how travelers discover new places, collaborate with friends and family and get quick AI-generated answers to common travel questions.

Included in the release: Trip Planner, an industry first that simplifies travel planning and allows travelers to collaborate on a group getaway in the app; EG Labs, where consumers passionate about travel and tech can learn about and even test early experimental beta products that will shape the future of travel; and amenity and property answers, which use generative AI to rapidly sift through travelers’ reviews and property details in response to questions or prompts from members in the app.

“Expedia Group invented online travel more than 25 years ago with the goal of using technology to empower travelers around the world. In the past few years, we’ve doubled down and invested massively in the latest tech capabilities using AI and machine learning to accelerate our innovation to better serve the millions of travelers who come to us every day,” Peter Kern, vice chairman and CEO, Expedia Group, said in a statement. “Our new intelligent discovery and planning features are designed to address traveler pain points, allowing our members to easily plan, book and enjoy travel across our three flagship apps.”

Read the many feature and product updates on Expedia Group’s website here.