EZ Texting releases text-to-landline service, mobile app

EZ Texting's new text-to-landline service allows businesses to text-enable their business phone numbers. Photo credit: EZ Texting (EZ Texting releases text-to-landline service, mobile app)

EZ Texting released two new ways for businesses to communicate via text messaging with their customers. The first is direct two-way business text messaging, which features an online self-service sign-up process to quickly convert your existing business phone number to send and receive text messages. Additionally, EZ Texting customers can use the newly launched iOS app to communicate with customers in real-time, even when they are on the go.

The text-to-landline service allows businesses to text-enable their business phone numbers and fill out all relevant paperwork without having to go through a salesperson. 

“Our business texting solution now provides companies with the ability to engage with consumers on their mobile devices using their familiar, branded phone numbers,” EZ Texting CEO  Norman Happ said in a statement. “From marketing to sales and customer support, we are seeing businesses of all sizes have meaningful text conversations with customers and prospects. This two-way conversation drives a deeper level of engagement that ultimately increases customer loyalty. The EZ Texting text-to-landline solution, coupled with our iOS mobile app, was created in direct response to feedback from our clients who are looking to have one-to-one text conversations on customers’ preferred channel.”

As a companion to the new direct business text messaging feature, the free EZ Texting Messaging App for iOS helps mobile workforces maintain contact with consumers. By using the new iOS app, which offers real-time push notifications when text messages are received, businesses are alerted every time there is a new message. This gives them the freedom to keep personal phone numbers private while still having the convenience and flexibility to respond to messages immediately, even when they are out of the office.