How SoHo’s Hotel Hugo is reaching new guests

(Hotel Hugo)

Hotel Hugo, an independent luxury hotel in New York City's historic SoHo neighborhood, has tapped to reach a massive network of global travelers. Since going live on the platform in January 2015, the property has reached a warm audience of more than 75,000 worldwide, and the advocacy platform has become a pivotal strategy in the hotel's operations.

In addition to helping the 122-room boutique property get introduced to new audiences every day, the hotel has seen a boost in unique site visitors and have started capturing warm leads through the personal recommendations of their guests at a scale never before possible.

"It's simple, yet impactful," said Kelly Sanders, director of revenue for Hotel Hugo. "We're building richer relationships with our guests while receiving introductions to their network of friends and family. There's no better way to welcome a new guest than through these interactions."

The move to implement has been part of a comprehensive technology approach by Hotel Hugo. is seamlessly integrated with every part of the hotel, from marketing to revenue and even operations. Sanders attributes this to well thought-out touch points for both the guest and hotel.

"Our guests are at the forefront of all of our technology considerations, especially since our influence on the guest experience extends well beyond when visitors are on property,” Sanders said. “The design of lets us engage guests and their friends & family in the best way possible. On site, we can easily track results, and even identify advocates when they're on property, making for a better stay. It's changed our approach to how we operate."