New white paper addresses industry's economic challenges

The Guestbook and Fuel combined feedback from guest surveys with expert insight to create a new guide titled "Navigating Troubled Times." Photo credit: The Guestbook (The Guestbook and Fuel release white paper)

The Guestbook and Fuel have partnered to release a new white paper addressing the economic challenges facing hoteliers in the coming months and how to weather them. Titled "Navigating Troubled Times," the informational white paper explores key strategies that hotels can use to stay focused on what matters and avoid common pitfalls during strained economic periods.
Hoteliers have many reasons to feel uneasy about the future. A tumultuous election year compounded by a rapidly developing health crisis and fears of an economic recession are understandably fueling their anxieties. Daily event and flight cancellations are making the matter worse, and a lack of concrete, actionable information is leading consumers and business owners to make critical decisions based on limited visibility. With this in mind, The Guestbook and Fuel combined feedback from guest surveys with expert insight from the hospitality industry's leading digital marketing and guest loyalty professionals to create a guide for hoteliers who must make key decisions about their future.
"When facing the unexpected, the best option is always to start with proven strategies and tweak them based on the best available information at hand," The Guestbook CEO/founder James Gancos said in a statement. "That is why we put together recommendations using insight from experts across the industry who have successfully navigated challenging times before. Furthermore, many of the strategies we talk about in this report can be used after the market returns to normalcy in order to reduce hoteliers' reliance on [online travel agencies] and plan for future periods of economic hardship."
Topics covered in the white paper include:

  • How to present guests with added value when times are tough.
  • Why hotels should diversify guest traffic sources.
  • How to activate the local market to fill gaps in business.
  • How to leverage periods of low guest traffic to make hotel improvements.
  • Why business owners should hesitate to cut advertising. 

Fuel and The Guestbook's white paper can be downloaded here.