The Guestbook releases white paper

The white paper aims to educate the many boutique and independent hoteliers who are failing to fully take advantage of metasearch. Photo credit: The Guestbook (The Guestbook releases white paper )

The Guestbook has released a new white paper entitled "Metasearch, What to Know Before You Bid." It examines the ways independent hotels are turning to new search tools to improve direct bookings and conversion rates, examining the rise of metasearch and how hotels can use it to their advantage.
The booking journey continues to evolve. A survey found 94.4 percent of consumers reported they used price-,comparison sites at least occasionally when booking a hotel, and within this group, 72.5 percent of consumers regularly used metasearch sites. According to the report, these tools aspire to be the "new homepage" for hotel properties around the world, and often are the first point of reference between travelers and hotels. By understanding how travelers are using metasearch tools for research, independent hoteliers are able to better position themselves online and in their local market, and better compete with larger brands and online travel agencies.
"Metasearch has already left its mark on the traveler booking journey, but many boutique and independent hoteliers are failing to fully take advantage of this transformative tool, which allows them to compete on equal footing with online travel agencies and some of the industry's largest organizations," The Guestbook CEO and Founder James Gancos said in a statement. "Providing compelling incentives, alongside the increased visibility provided by metasearch, is sometimes the only boost these hotels need to increase conversion rates and net room revenue. The challenge comes from understanding the traveler journey and choosing to invest accordingly."
Topics covered in the white paper include: metasearch's utility as a conversion tool, what boutique and independent hotels should focus on before investing in metasearch, how boutique and independent hotels can compete against OTAs on equal footing and the influence of cashback rewards within metasearch messaging.
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