Hotel360 Technologies acquires Serenata IntraWare

(Hotel360 Technologies acquires Serenata IntraWare)

HeBS Digital’s parent company, Hotel360 Technologies, has acquired Serenata IntraWare GmbH, a comprehensive hotel CRM platform. Combining Serenata with HeBS Digital, an existing portfolio company, Hotel360 is launching the hospitality industry’s first fully integrated 360-degree past/future guest-engagement and acquisition technology and marketing platform.

“Less than a third of hotel guests on any given night are repeat guests, while two-thirds are first-time guests. Yet many hotel companies, chains and independents keep their CRM efforts to engage and retain past guests in complete isolation from their efforts to acquire future guests” said Max Starkov, Global President and CEO of Hotel360 and HeBS Digital. “By combining HeBS Digital’s powerful guest acquisition suite (the smartCMS, Smart Personalization Engine, Smart Data Marketing, and full-stack digital consulting and marketing solutions) with Serenata’s comprehensive hotel CRM suite, Hotel360 is closing the loop with the hospitality industry’s first fully integrated 360-degree past/future guest engagement and acquisition technology and marketing platform.”

Hotel360’s fully integrated 360-degree guest engagement and acquisition technology and marketing platform will allow mid-size and smaller hotel chains, luxury and boutique hotel chains, independent hotels, resorts and casinos to use this technology and marketing platform to engage, acquire and retain past/future guests like never before possible.

Serenata will operate as the CRM division of Hotel360 with HeBS Digital’s President and CEO Max Starkov as Hotel360’s Global president and CEO. Serenata’s Management Team, including CEO Johann Deil, President Dieter Dirnberger and CTO Manuel Deil will continue in their current roles.