Hotels turn to text-based recruiting to screen talent

Text-based interviewing can open up new, clearer processes for both candidates and hiring managers. Photo credit: Canvas (Hotels turn to text-based recruiting to screen talent)

Hotels today are using texting technology to update guests before their arrival, send a welcome note after check-in, request service evaluations and communicate quickly about issues or concerns. With the hospitality industry becoming increasingly tech-savvy, job candidates in this field are now expecting their recruiting experience to follow suit. 
According to Canvas, one new job is added every 2.5 seconds in the hospitality industry. Canvas is a text-based interviewing platform that helps recruiters and hiring professionals in the hospitality industry screen more job candidates and market employment brands.

The average overall interview process in the U.S. today takes 22.9 days, compared to 12.5 days just seven years ago, according to Glassdoor Economic Research. In the hospitality industry, speed is critical, particularly with higher employee turnover rates. According to Daily Pay, the turnover rate for the hotel industry is 73.8 percent. This figure is striking considering most HR experts agree a healthy turnover rate should actually be somewhere in the 10-15 percent range.

Texting can help solve this issue. A job candidate can respond in less than one minute without disrupting their day. With robust recruiting platforms, the average time to screen a candidate is just 4.4 minutes. Additionally, a hiring manager who typically conducts four to six phone screens per day can reach 10 times that volume using Canvas.
The Canvas platform is integrated with Bitmoji Kit to add a greater sense of personality to a text-based job interview. Canvas users can easily send and receive Bitmojis, adding depth and personality to text interviews and recruiting conversations.

Text-based interviewing can also open up new, clearer processes for both candidates and hiring managers. Both parties can communicate from anywhere, anytime, making it easy to have an open and honest conversation about the hotel’s culture and benefits. The hiring manager can even send preselected interview questions to candidates, as well as employment brand information, workplace culture videos and benefits.