Kayak to enter short-term rental space with Lyric partnership

Travel search engine Kayak revealed plans today to begin listing short-term rentals from Lyric. The partnership is to be the first from Kayak Premium, a new collection of Kayak-endorsed travel options.

Kayak Premium has already begun rolling out, with accommodations currently offered in select cities, including New York City, New Orleans and Philadelphia. All Premium accommodations will be professionally managed and “offer thoughtful and modern design, unique amenities and perks,” according to the company. Kayak plans to add more Premium partners in 2020, including boutique hotels, as it expands the program globally.

“Kayak Premium is another step forward as we move beyond price comparison and into the traveler journey,” Steve Hafner, CEO of Kayak, said in a statement. “In the future, our app will help personalize and automate the Kayak Premium experience. For accommodations, this means seamless check-in and check-out, saved room preferences, delivery and dining options and amenity selection.”

Lyric is a technology-enabled real estate and hospitality company that designs, installs and operates flex apartments in city centers across the United States. It offers more than 500 listings across 12 U.S. cities. Kayak plans to integrate all of Lyric's inventory with Kayak Premium.

“We’re delighted to work with Kayak to make our flexible Creative Suites more prominent and accessible,” Andrew Kitchell, CEO of Lyric, said in a statement. “Our team’s focus on quality, from minimal and purposeful design, to our locations in the best buildings in thriving urban centers around the country, to partnerships with local artisans to bring authenticity and history of the neighborhoods to life, represent truly differentiated and experience-rich spaces for a new generation of traveler looking to live like they’re at home on the road.”