LG, Marriott partner for hotel tech solutions

LG Business Solutions USA has formed a three-year alliance with the Marriott Design Lab to jointly develop and test new technologies and solutions for the hospitality industry.

The collaboration between LG Electronics USA and Marriott International builds on LG’s history as a provider of televisions to Marriott properties across various brands.

“Working with Marriott on groundbreaking R&D supports LG's efforts to bring more innovative technologies to the hospitality industry,” Richard Lewis, VP of technology and research, LG Business Solutions USA, said in a statement. “This collaboration reflects our shared passion for innovation, customer service and sustainability, and our three-year commitment underscores our common dedication to reimagining hospitality experiences and operations through new technologies.”

The Marriott Design Lab will serve as a research and development hub, testing technology products and services that can be integrated into daily hotel operations to save energy, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. 

“LG is a long-time strategic collaborator with Marriott International and is a global innovator in technology,” said Jeff Voris, senior vice president, global design strategies, Marriott International. “We look forward to expanding our relationship with LG to help explore ways to deliver better experiences for guests, associates and hotel owners and franchisees.”

A number of LG product categories are expected to be involved in the Marriott Design Lab, going beyond digital displays and consumer technologies.