Maestro, Fetch partner for guest communication platform

Fetch helps hotels interact with guests using digital avenues such as email or SMS/text messaging. Photo credit: Fetch (Fetch)

Property-management system Maestro PMS has partnered with guest-engagement platform Fetch to provide a digital hub for improved communication and operations. Using Fetch, hoteliers will have another third-party option for contactless digital guest interactions.

Fetch helps hotels interact with guests using digital avenues such as email or SMS/text messaging. For example, guests booking at a property powered by Fetch are sent messages at strategic times urging them to provide feedback after booking a stay, checking into their room or upon check-out, for example. By reaching out when guests are most likely checking their personal devices, Fetch increases the chances of a response from guests, keeping them in closer contact with hotel operators and maintaining consistency.

Fetch also has a full guest-engagement suite capable of organizing and sending surveys, collecting and presenting guest analytics, two-way messaging and a 24/7 chat concierge linked directly to staff members. 
“The guest experience is evolving, and communication will continue to advance once COVID subsides,” Maestro President Warren Dehan said. “Through the Maestro suite of products we offer a collection of contact-free and guest-engagement tools, and we are delighted to integrate with Fetch to expand the offerings to hoteliers giving them ability to engage with customers 24/7 throughout their entire journey—before, during, and after the stay. Fetch app enables hoteliers to capture every engagement opportunity through 24/7 guest outreach and improved analytics, while also streamlining communications between property staff. Using email and/or SMS, we are digitally linking guests to staff and meeting their every need without physical contact.”
“Through this integration partnership with Maestro, Fetch will have the opportunity to work with the more than 800 hotels integrated with Maestro PMS, and improve communication across the industry while preserving the key service elements that make hospitality so special,” said Russell Silver, founder and CEO of Fetch. “We have a mission to put everything hotels need to stay in contact with guests and employees in one place, and Maestro is helping us deliver.”