Opterra Capital, HADA Group form HOBI Solutions

HOBI Solutions delivers integrated business intelligence to companies that own, operate and/or manage all types of hotels and resorts. Photo credit: HOBI Solutions

Opterra Capital, a real estate investment sponsor, operating partner and asset manager with expertise in the hotel and lodging industry, has partnered with The HADA Group to launch HOBI Solutions. HOBI Solutions is marketing and implementing the Hospitality Operations Business Intelligence program designed for owners of multiple hotels and resorts, managed by multiple management companies and operated under different hotel flags and brands. Offering comprehensive, enterprise-level business-intelligence solutions to asset managers and hospitality companies, HOBI software is tailored to provide clients customized reporting, analytics and decision support in an easily accessible, digestible format. 

“HOBI Solutions combines The HADA Group’s deep functional and technical expertise with Opterra’s business and industry knowledge, empowering our new company to create a leading integrated hospitality solution to meet the needs of asset managers unlike ever before,” HOBI Solutions Managing Director Horacio Agostinelli said in a statement. “Quite simply, HOBI enables owners to gather details in a uniform fashion through a predefined and scalable solution created using standard analytics technology.” 

HOBI includes hundreds of customizable components (including web, iPad and iPhone-based dashboards; data warehouse; and extract, transform and load processes, among others) coupled with industry metrics and key performance indicators, providing owners, managers and operators of multiple hotels and resorts a simple and scalable BI solution. HOBI empowers users to develop insights into the data in a trusted and governed environment by leveraging MicroStrategy’s enterprise and mobile analytics platform in a cost-effective format. The underlying analytics platform also facilitates the delivery of big data analytics and predictive analysis through R and Python modeling, further empowering business teams to tap into trusted enterprise data without sacrificing preferred BI visualization tools. 

“Leveraging the powerful features of the award-winning MicroStrategy Enterprise Federated Analytics platform, conformed to [Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry] guidelines, HOBI significantly expands the scope of our partners’ consulting abilities,” said Glenn Alba, managing partner, HOBI Solutions. “The new company enhances the existing asset management and operational improvement-based services provided by Opterra and The HADA Group, providing first-in-class support for HOBI customers’ operations in critical areas including standardized financial and operational analytics, STR data and new hotel construction supply pipeline, room bookings and PACE information, as well as company-specific construction and capital expenditure data.”

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