Oz introduces solution accelerators

Oz released a suite of digital solution accelerators created specifically for the hospitality and travel industries. 
“Advancements in [the Internet of Things], mobile applications, analytics and [artificial intelligence] are poised to help travel and hospitality organizations go even further toward improving [customer experience] and building customer loyalty,” Jorge Agnese, VP of consulting, travel and hospitality for Oz, said in a statement. “We are proud of our research and development efforts in designing a suite of digital solutions that empower travel and hospitality organizations to meet the high expectations of customers as they interact with their brands.” 

The products are:

  • VelOZity: A real-time customer experience solution that utilizes camera feeds and artificial intelligence to recognize people, determine emotions and assign Net Promoter Scores. Depending on emotions, VelOZity can communicate to a companion mobile app to enable quick customer support and resolution.
  • Flow: A room automation application that enables guest control of the TV, thermostat, lights, curtains and doors. Flow is built to personalize the guest experience while optimizing energy consumption.
  • Ozzie: A personal assistant that uses technologies like augmented reality, machine learning and analytics to help answer customers' questions.
  • OZ Immerse: A virtual and augmented reality application that brings a new way to explore and reserve travel destinations and excursions and view amenities at resorts.
  • OZ Recognize: Powered by machine learning, this application recognizes and promotes driver safety by helping analyze worn and faulty parts.
  • OZ Go: A virtual reality app that gives users a 360-degree view of a destination before arriving.
  • PaparOZzi: A system that uses drones with cameras as well as a set of apps to request that a picture be taken. The system queues all requests, processes them and sends pictures to the requesters.