PPDS launches Philips 6000 series range

PPDS has launched the Philips 6000 Series, a range of beyond-8K, direct-view LED displays, designed exclusively for the creation of 16:9 or 32:9 displays.

Available in three 27-inch landscape panels, with a native 16:9 resolution, and across three different pixel pitch variants—1.26 (27BDL6112L), 1.583 (27BDL6115L) and 1.9 (27BDL6119L)—the Philips 6000 Series has been designed for 24/7, round-the-clock use and has features and capabilities that support a multitude of visual needs and requirements.

PPDS’  modular design lets the Philips L-Line adapt to any indoor environment, regardless of room size or shape. Installation times are quick, connecting multiple LED display cabinets to create the resolution that best suits needs, in 4K, 8K or higher resolutions.

Philips 6000 Series panels also have strong color accuracy, deep black contrast and a brightness (up to 750 nits before calibration) uniformity of up to 97 percent. 

“The versatility of Philips 6000 Series truly sets itself apart, providing infinite design possibilities to suit a variety of different settings and uses within a corporate environment," said Jeroen Brants, global product manager LED Displays at PPDS, in a statement. "Whether it’s for hosting the perfect meeting or creating a positive first impression in reception, displaying bright and clear branded content, Philips 6000 Series won’t let you down in providing the perfect viewing experience.”