Proto develops interactive holographic platform

Proto is a hologram unit that can project live or preproduced images of people in three dimensions onto a convention stage or meeting room. The device, developed by Proto Inc., is a two-way, interactive holographic communications platform available to hospitality businesses through video production company Mills James. 

“Proto can change the way event-goers interact with speakers and how hotel guests engage with management or the brand,” said John Watts, Mills James’ VP of technology. “The possibilities are truly endless. Proto can be used for speeches, event appearances, tradeshow booth displays, to share safe-stay messaging, upsell services, address guest concerns, promote restaurant specials, display retail items and much more. Because Proto is interactive, people beamed live to the unit can respond to those in front of the box if desired. ... It’s the type of next-generation technology that people are expecting to see while traveling,” Watts said.

Proto uses a back-lit cubicle and a large transparent LCD screen, making it appear as if someone is in the box. Speakers can be filmed wirelessly via smartphone and the Proto app, then beamed wirelessly into the Proto box.

“Our partnership with Proto will enable us to raise the bar even higher on AV services,” Watts said. “Today, we are looking for hotel companies and convention venues interested in exploring Proto technology to elevate experiences to heights never imagined.”