RoomRaccoon launches online checkout option

RoomRaccoon has launched new online checkout functionality. This contact-free feature allows guests to check out and settle outstanding bills from their rooms via an email link on their devices. By eliminating the need to check out at the front desk, hoteliers can save time and improve the guest experience at their property. 

Tymen van Dyl, the CEO and founder of RoomRaccoon, said in a statement that the online check-out feature is the next step in empowering hoteliers with technology that thrills modern guests. “These days, guests value convenience and choice," he said. "With the addition of online check-out to our [hotel management system], RoomRaccoon clients can offer a seamless journey from booking to departure and allow guests to have more control over their stay.”

With RoomRaccoon’s online checkout, hotels can provide a frictionless payment experience for guests. The system uses PSD2 SCA and PCI-compliant payment gateways and merges security standards and automation to offer payment methods that guests know and trust, according to the company. 

“The evolution of RoomRaccoon’s platform continues our purpose of empowering independent hoteliers with smart technology that drives better-performing hotel businesses and provides a guest experience that is both personalized and modern," van Dyl said.