Routier unveils MessageHub for hoteliers

Routier unveiled MessageHub, a cloud-based unified communications platform that empowers hoteliers to connect, engage and communicate with their guests during their stay. With seamless integration to the hotel customer-relationship management, central-reservation and property-management systems, MessageHub enables multilingual, artificial-intelligence-driven, interactive two-way communication and provides a device-agnostic channel for communicating in-stay guest requests and feedback between the guest and property staff or departments.
As a centralized, omnichannel communications hub, MessageHub can be used on any messaging platform the guest prefers, such as SMS/text messaging, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Line and others. This effectively personalizes the guest experience and ensures a higher level of engagement and utilization, eliminating language barriers and driving positive interactions with the property. Keeping all communications in one channel also makes it easy for hoteliers to track and efficiently interact with all guest conversations, from service requests, notifications and upsell offers to reservations and complaint resolution.
The Routier MessageHub solution expansion provides a host of other benefits to the hotelier, as well. Using artificial intelligence-based technology, the solution automatically answers guests' questions, takes requests, manages complaints and makes recommendations, thereby freeing up hotel staff and delivering operational efficiencies. By establishing a centralized messaging hub, all conversations with guests, via all messaging platforms, are carried out in one, easily trackable thread, eliminating communication silos. This frictionless solution streamlines staff task management as well, allowing the property to quickly identify any issues that can be resolved and tracked in real-time, while the guest is still on-property and before they post reviews. Guest requests can be routed through a call center and attached to a service ticket, saving valuable staff time and expediting resolution for the guest.
Hoteliers also can use the platform proactively in automated, predetermined notifications to guests about special events and promotions to maximize in-stay revenue. It also can be used to automatically reply intelligently to multilingual guest questions, requests and complaints while collecting valuable guest data and feedback. This helps hotel brands to meet the requirements of the digital age traveler, while improving guest service and operational efficiency.
"In today's highly competitive hospitality landscape, hoteliers need to maximize the guest experience in order to create an important competitive advantage," Routier CEO Gal Bareket said in a statement. "We are thrilled to provide this important solution, which allows them to win back control of the relationship with their guests. With our new MessageHub solution expansion, we are providing the ideal tool to boost guest engagement and maximize guest satisfaction during the stay, which drives loyalty and ultimately revenue."